We hired Harpreet from Harpreet Panesar Photography for our Engagement, Pre-wedding and Wedding and it was absolutely the best decision ever. In addition to being a skilled photographer, Harpreet is also a down-to-earth great human being that builds great rapport with his clients throughout the process and provides excellent client care. His keen eye, attention to detail and directing is what sets him apart from other photographers. I have always been camera shy, however, with Harpreet behind the camera I was always excited to be in front of the camera as he made us feel very comfortable and good about ourselves. We often told Harpreet about a vision that we had in mind about a particular shot and he would not only execute it but would always surpass our expectations. We also did a destination pre-wedding shoot and it was so much fun. Harpreet is very professional and also knows how to have fun at the same time. We proudly display at home the photos Harpreet and his team have created and will forever cherish these memories that he has captured so well.

If you are on the fence about hiring Harpreet I have one point of advice for you: DO IT!! It will be the best decision you make.


We booked Harpreet for our pre-wedding shoot, engagement and our wedding week and we cannot say enough good things about him. He was amazing to work with. He was so thoughtful and professional. He went out of his way to make sure we were happy and comfortable throughout the entire process. He made sure that every detail was looked after. Picking him and his team was the best decision. Harpreet is always friendly and eventually starts feeling like a part of the family. He is so passionate and dedicated to his work and the product reflects the same. His work is high quality and will exceed your expectations. We have recommended him and his team highly to all of our friends and family and will continue to do so as we believe he is the best.


Harpreet is the most attentive, patient, and caring photographer! I trusted him whole heartedly as he proposed ideas and helped my husband and I make many decisions, including shoot locations, outfits, props, etc. He went above and beyond, starting from our pre-wedding shoots and until the final wedding week products were delivered. He made us feel incredibly comfortable while we were in front of the camera. After we got the final pictures, we were absolutely blown away. They came out better than we could have imagined! Every moment was perfectly captured and we went through all the emotions that we had during the wedding week while we were looking at the pictures. Finally, the wedding albums that he made for us were so sleek and beautiful.

All in all, Harpreet is a master at his craft. I cannot recommend his services enough!


Harpreet is most talented photographer. All the photos exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier with the overall quality and service. We highly recommend Harpreet to make every event memorable and special.


My husband and I first hired Harpreet to do our engagement shoot back in 2018. We were absolutely blown away with the pictures and how easy it was working with him! He made sure you were comfortable and happy throughout the entire process and really made sure to listen to what you wanted. He completely exceeded any expectations we had. Fast forward to our pre-wedding shoot in Banff and a concept shoot he created for us in Edmonton, we were beyond thrilled with his ever evolving talent. We really had no idea what he’d help create for our wedding week nor were we worried. We allowed him to guide us and gave him our complete trust. Harpreet managed to capture moments from our wedding week that were done in such an elegant way. Looking back through the pictures he was able to preserve not only these beautiful moments in time that we now can cherish forever, but the emotion behind each and every picture. He truly is a creative individual with a passion for story telling. We highly recommend hiring Harpreet as your photographer as there truly is no one better.


We hired Harpeet for our wedding festivities and it was the best choice my wife and I had made! He was an absolute professional and went above and beyond of what we expected for our photography needs. Harpeeet was there through all the events and also travelled with us to Drumheller. Harpreet was really helpful in executing our vision and provided a great deal of his own creative expertise. Our friends and family also enjoyed Harpeeets presence throughout the festivities and loved how was quick to send us our pictures. 100/10 would recommend! I believe Harpeeet is on his way to becoming a household name when it comes to wedding photography. Thanks for all your hardwork!


From the moment we met with Harpreet, my husband and I were immediately blown away by his creativity, kindness and vision. Harpreet is a true professional and goes above and beyond in every aspect of his work. It was a pleasure working with him at every stage of our wedding. He is kind and humble and his personality and photography stood out not only to us, but also to our friends and family, so much so that a number of our friends and family have decided to book him! We were incredibly happy with Harpreet's photography, both for our pre-wedding engagement shoot, as well as all of the pictures taken at our wedding events. Harpreet's creativity is unparalleled, and he found a unique way to capture every emotion and special moment during our wedding week. We are fortunate to be able to re-live every part of our wedding whenever we want through Harpreet's pictures! Since our wedding, we have recommended and will continue to recommend Harpreet very highly to all of our friends and family. We truly believe he is the best in the industry!


Harpreet has done an amazing job with our engagement and wedding photos. He's also a super sweet and humble guy and will go above and beyond your expectations! He always made sure that we were happy with our photos and albums, which we definitely do!

We knew a family friend who had booked him earlier for their wedding photography a couple years ago and we decided to go with him as well since the photos were amazing, sooooo glad we did!! We wish you all the best Harpreet and continue capturing beautiful memories for everyone!


We hired Harpreet to shoot our engagement photos and our wedding and he did an absolutely amazing job. He is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to work with your vision as well as offers his creative expertise and suggestions on what will be the best. Harpreet helped coordinate our photoshoot from finding beautiful scenic locations to helping us pick our outfits. He also prefers not to use the same location or idea more than once (unless you wanted to!), so we knew that what we were going to get was going to be original and unique. He captured our wedding festivities and all the emotions perfectly - the photos are just stunning and we are having a difficult time narrowing down photos for our official album (good problem to have)!

Harpreet is very professional, accommodating and flexible and he instantly became part of our family! I would highly recommend Harpreet for your photography needs. I know that we will be booking with him in the future! Thank you so much Harpreet, you are amazingly talented and creative and we had so much fun working with you! See you soon!


Harpreet Panesar is amazing and we'd highly recommend him for any events you'd want to remember forever! We hired Harpreet for our engagement and wedding pictures and are extremely happy that we did. His professionalism and down to earth personality made the entire experience one to remember and we can gladly say we made a friend in the process.

His work speaks for itself! Harpreet was able to capture precious moments that we are luckily able to relive each time we look at the photographs. We recommend him 100% no questions asked, which is why he will be doing my brother’s wedding as well! He has become part of the family and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thank you so much Harpreet for all your work and the amazing pictures you left us with! We will be booking you in the future!


Harpreet is amazing at his craft. Was the best decision we made for our wedding. He made the process fun and effortless for everyone involved. And most importantly the photographs are beautiful.


We had the pleasure of hiring Harpreet for our wedding and pre-wedding shots, and we can only say positive things about him. He is professional, passionate, creative and attentive. He was quick to seek out our personalities and our taste in pictures, and added his own creative vision in the process. His dedication to his craft speaks volumes in his pictures, and we are so lucky we got to be a product of it. I have and will continue to recommend him to all friends and families for their wedding experience, because it cannot get better than him. Thank you Harpreet for our capturing these beautiful memories for Manjot and I!


Harpreet is a very professional and fun guy to work with. And i would say best photographer and i made a great decision choosing him as our pre wedding photographer. Great experience and locations. Overall will give him 5 stars for his work. Thank you Harpreet!!